A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

//NOTICE: This game is quite old and very outdated//

Warning: This game touches upon dark themes, such as suicide, mental illness and child abuse

Catch is a Dreamcatcher. With the help from her 'Boss' she travels through peoples dreams and solves their problems. But who is Catch? She doesn't know where she were before going into the Dreamcatcher business. She doesn't even know her name. But as clues of her past surfaces Catch realizes that maybe she doesn't want to know what happened back then...

Dreamcatcher is a Supernatural, Psychological, Mystery VN, with slight point and click elements. There are 5 obtainable CG's and 4 endings. The story is linked to my other game Choice but you don't HAVE to have played that first.
Dreamcatcher was originally a NaNo16 project, but since I rarely had time during March, I decided to take my time with it.

A game by Nanna4673

Story, Script and coding: Nanna4673

Sprites: Holey_cheese and made in iicharacter alpha

CG's: Holey_cheese and Kanii_Nanii

Logo: Ds-sans

GUI: Nanna4673


Dreamcatcher-1.0-all.zip 388 MB


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I  can't wait to play this game but before I did I wanted to know if you mind people recording there play through of your games at all? 

Oh please do record it if you want to, that’s no problem^^