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A Question of Normalcy, as the title suggest, is a wonderful narrative about obstacles in reforming self from youth to adulthood (responsibility, social judgement, being yourself vs society's assertion/ the norm of "normal", and so on); with great choice of BGM and fitting style of arts,too!

It's such a bliss that I am that it comes to Recomendation list in my account and how vn with this theme gives me hope to confront some same problems in real life :')

Oh my, I only saw this comment now; thank you so much for playing the game and writing this super sweet comment!! The fact that the game helped in a way is all I could ever hope for when I made it.

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Cute story. I very much enjoyed it. :)

Thank you very much for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:

Hello! How long is full story?

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Took me about two hours, maybe? My reading speed is about average. Possibly a little bit lower.

Hi, this visual novel looks great and I wanted to play it, but the download for the pc (windows version) keeps on failing for me. I have really bad internet connection, and I usually prefer to download games through the app (because they're resumable), unlike through a browser. Although for some reason, this particular game is not downloadable through the app, it just says "Not Available on Windows"... :/ Your other games don't seem to have this problem, how strange... Having a mirror link (like on MEGA or something) could work to combat this problem, too.

Just thought I'd let you know! Perhaps you could look into this? (:

Hello there! Thanks for commenting on the issue^^ I added another file that might work for downloading. I sure hope it does. I think my computer's been acting a little funny since I updated renpy, so it might be that acting up:) Thanks for bringing this to my attention:D