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"In an ever spinning world, I am standing still
That is what people see, you have to will yourself into going at my pace"

Shakya isn't like other people. She knows this, and other people seem to know as well just from the way she acts.

This is a simple story of how Shakya visits a certain cafe downtown and how things may change - or stay exactly, the same.

A Question Of Normalcy is a contemporary, slice of life VN with slight comedic and slight romantic undertones (If you choose so).

It is a project for NaNoRenO 2017, and this version contains one of the two paths. The other path will be released in the future.

The team:
Sprites and CG's: Johhans
Logo: BáiYù‏ (@baiyu_dev on twitter)
Backgrounds: Photo's taken by me and from royalty free sources
GUI: Me and help from friends
Script: Me
Coding: Me
Ideas: Me and help from friends
Music: Mostly from purple planet music


A_Question_Of_Normalcy-1.0-mac.zip 214 MB
A_Question_Of_Normalcy-1.0-pc.zip 229 MB
A_Question_Of_Normalcy-1.0-steam.zip 236 MB


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A Question of Normalcy, as the title suggest, is a wonderful narrative about obstacles in reforming self from youth to adulthood (responsibility, social judgement, being yourself vs society's assertion/ the norm of "normal", and so on); with great choice of BGM and fitting style of arts,too!

It's such a bliss that I am that it comes to Recomendation list in my account and how vn with this theme gives me hope to confront some same problems in real life :')

Oh my, I only saw this comment now; thank you so much for playing the game and writing this super sweet comment!! The fact that the game helped in a way is all I could ever hope for when I made it.

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Cute story. I very much enjoyed it. :)

Thank you very much for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:

Hello! How long is full story?

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Took me about two hours, maybe? My reading speed is about average. Possibly a little bit lower.

Hi, this visual novel looks great and I wanted to play it, but the download for the pc (windows version) keeps on failing for me. I have really bad internet connection, and I usually prefer to download games through the itch.io app (because they're resumable), unlike through a browser. Although for some reason, this particular game is not downloadable through the app, it just says "Not Available on Windows"... :/ Your other games don't seem to have this problem, how strange... Having a mirror link (like on MEGA or something) could work to combat this problem, too.

Just thought I'd let you know! Perhaps you could look into this? (:

Hello there! Thanks for commenting on the issue^^ I added another file that might work for downloading. I sure hope it does. I think my computer's been acting a little funny since I updated renpy, so it might be that acting up:) Thanks for bringing this to my attention:D