A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

//NOTICE: This game is quite old and very outdated//

Disclaimer: There's a bug I haven't fixed where the game continues after the Distant ending, when you get the distant ending the game is supposed to end, so if you do get that ending just quit to menu: Sorry for the trouble, I will be fixing it at some point.

An experimental visual novel set over the course of 19 hours.

It is created within 19 hours as well(with help from good friends like Monster and Red Bull) and tries to illustrate just how hard it can be to do simple tasks like going to school, when you're dealing with depression or the like.

There are 3 endings with different variations

Warning: Dark themes like suicide and murder


NineteenHours-1.0-all.zip 306 MB


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Before reading further about the error in Distance Ending, (a bit spoiler) I think it's a unique approach to the theme of the story; as if the player has to "repent" themselves from Distance Ending to reach Awareness (happier end? ^^ ").

And how the story unfolds, although it's short, sentimentally depicts the languish of depression :')