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I just finished the most actual version.

I like the artstyle.... The sprites are good-looking and the backgrouns are... they could look better...

The story is not bad :) A bit funny and heart-warming. A bit simple and linear but it's alright 

girls-love <3 and they both are very cute and interesting . Both girls have interesting backstories.

they found friendship and love... in Rome. Maybe I should go there as well xD

I like games few choices and more than 1 possible ending. I'm waiting for the rest of the story :)

I see you're an Ed Sheeran fan too~~~ 

nice choice of music~

the first time I played it, I accidentally fell asleep listening to perfect by Ed Sheeran...

Anyway, Loved the game! It's very soothing, very heart-warming, and over-all very wonderful to play after a stressful day of dealing with stuff.

I hope you can make more games with heart-warming fells like this in the neer future!!!

Loved it!!!

Absolutely love this story! 

If it has a sad ending I will forever be sad, but no matter what it'll always hold a special place in my heart <3


Oh my, thank you so much! The game will have two endings one bad and one good, though I don't think getting the good one will be too difficult! ^^

;^; okay good because I have a knack for getting the bad endings

this was absolutely lovely! i hope to see more of alba and ilaria soon. 

(in case it was unintentional, currently the pc version of the game doesn't have the os selected for the file but it works on windows.)

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying!

- And thanks for bringing it to my attention, I didn't even see thatXD